Grand Shopping Tote - Black Caviar w/ Silver HW *Pics*

  1. Chanel doesn't call this bag Grand for nothing! It's a tad wide for me but I really love the structure, roominess and classic appeal of this tote. Because I am trying to build a collection of timeless pieces, this is a nice addition. Can't beat the price point either! It fits all my essentials perfectly and the fact that I can put my sunnies with hard case inside is a great bonus.
    GSTShoulder1.JPG GSTArm.JPG
  2. Here's a couple more.
    GSTFront.JPG GSTBack.JPG
  3. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUTFUL!!!!! What's the retail for it now?

  4. Congratulations Roey! This is a great classic piece.:love:
  5. Roey, it's such a classic. I love the size and the silver hardware :love: .
  6. WOW Roey! Simply stunning! It looks so fab on you! It looks perfect and doesn't overwhelm you which is a surprise, since you are tiny! That's a keeper. :love:
  7. Congrats..Its such a classy bag!You wear it well!
  8. Thanks!! :biggrin:

    The retail is $1650 - lots of bag for the dough.

    Should it bother me that the silver inside zipper pull has a few marks? The bag was not a return; the s/a assured me of that, and she only had this one and the display bag. It arrived in the Chanel box, price tag attached, fully stuffed. But don't new bags have tissue over the pulls to protect them? I should go check the inside zippper pulls on my other Chanel bags.
  9. ^ I would not let that bother me. Cute bag...very tempting! Thanks for the pictures. :P
  10. It arrived! :yahoo: Very nice! Glad to hear you like it. I think it is a bit less dressy/formal looking with the silver hardware. I love it! I wouldn't worry about the inside zipper pull marks unless they are gashes in the leather or really stand out so as to be noticeable when you are carrying it. Congratulations on your very classic Chanel tote!
  11. It's the wide inside zipper pull in the main compartment. The side with the small cc logo has a few marks, and the back side which spells out Chanel has a long scratch (or what looks like a scratch) under the word Chanel with a few scratches in the corner too. I suppose it could have happened during the mfg. process. If those of you with GST's could check their pulls when you get a chance and report back I'd appreciate it. If you can remember if your bag came with tissue over the zipper pull that would be helpful as well.

  12. I wouldn't worry about the zipper. I am checking mine right now and it doesn't have a scratch. Well, or any sort of long marks on it. It looks like a plain ol' zipper with the CHANEL word on the zipper pull with a plastic sticky cover on it.

    I bought mine in CHanel in L.A and it was fully stuffed but it didn't have tissue over the chains or handles. But it's a great bag although I am still contesting the original purchase I have yet to receive from Saks Fifth Avenue back in September.
  13. I love it! Congrats!:yahoo:
  14. Hmm, there is no plastic sticky cover on my pull. I wonder if all GST's are supposed to have them?
  15. Roey, my black (with gold) did not come with paper anywhere but in each of the 'open' sides inside the bag (as stuffing). Mine does not have scratches on it though (even from my own use of it). It appears to bother you (you'll always see the scratches even though others don't & you paid alot for a bag that should be in pristine condition), so maybe you should call your SA and ask if there is another one and ask her to check the bag out (or ensure it is a brand new 'never been taken out of the box' one?