Grand Shopping Tote Beige and Black at NM!!!

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  1. NM just got in the Beige GST with gold hardware, and is now taking pre-orders on the Black GST with either gold or silver hw!!!

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested (248) 635-8442!!!
  2. Yup. I have placed order with silver & black one for GST. INteresting my SA said the PST does not come in black & silver this season.
  3. I have a problem that maybe you ladies can help me out with. I just talked to Lisa about the GST with silver hardware (who by the way is awsome):smile: , and I more than want one of these bags. There isn't a Neiman's in my state, so I would have to order it over the phone. Those of you who have shopped with Neiman's over the phone know that they only take Neiman's cards and Amex. Obviously, I only have a Visa card. Is there anyway that you ladies can think of that I can order the bag using a Visa card instead? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. ^ Would you be open to opening an NM card?
  5. My biggest concern is the high interest rate. I guess my best option would be to open it, buy the bag, pay it off, then close it. I guess if its the only option, I would do it...
  6. Yes, you should open for the purchase + get the 10% or 15% discount too. You can pay it off then close when the bill arrived.
  7. ^^ I asked the SA about a % off discount for opening a new card, and she said that they didn't have one. Do you know of anyone getting a discount when opening a NM credit card? Since I would have to open it either over the phone or the internet, she said that I wouldn't even get the giftcard you get for charging a certain purchase :s .
  8. oh nice!
  9. NM doesnt give a discount for opening an a/c. you get a gift card depending on how much you spend.
  10. If you don't have a NM card or AMEX (which is the case for me), you can get on a waiting-list for the GST in black (with silver H/W) at Saks -- call Saks NYC and ask for Joseph. He's the best....he'll gladly put you on the list, and I hear that those are due in no later than April (not 100% sure, but that's what I heard). No tax if you're getting it shipped out of NY state, and you might very well get lucky and end up getting it during an EGC OVERALL -- you can get it CHEAPER at Saks than at NM/boutiques. Also, GST's are still retailing for $1695 (not $1795) at Saks, and AFAIK the price won't get changed till April 1st (for Saks stores).
  11. That is great info foxycleopatra. I might want to order with Joseph. Thanks.

    I have NM card awhile ago so that I'm not aware that they not giving discount for new account. For sure Saks giving the discount. Last years my cousin got a 15% discount for a new account at Saks.
  12. You could always buy a Neimans gift card online using your visa. And then when it comes in, you can use that to pay for the bag at NM.
  13. Wow! Thanks for the info, foxycleopatra! I think I may be calling Joseph in the morning! I hope I'm not charged taxes, we have a Saks here, and the taxes is 9%! If thats the case, then I would be able to open a card for the discount and get it at a cheaper price! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, but I'm just super excited now! :yahoo:

    Jag, I just saw your advice, thats a great idea, too. I knew tPF ladies would help me out! Thanks, everyone!
  14. Hello! New to this forum and this is also my first post. Would someone please tell me the difference between the large shopping tote and the grand shopping tote? Is it the size only or is there a design change? TIA

    I LOVE Chanel!!!!
  15. Neiman's in Las Vegas accepts Visa. Just give them a call, I used to work there.