grand shopping tote???? anywheree???!?

  1. anyone see the grand shopping tote in black recently? I really want this purse and with the price increase coming on feb. 1, this purse has definite priority!!! I would prefer it black with gold hardware, but black with silver hardware would be fine too. I've called around, and from what i've gathered, they don't have any GST, but i was hoping maybe one of you gals had seen or heard something different! I'm crossing my fingers on this one! time's running out!!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. They are sold out company wide in black. Get on a list so they can call you when it comes available. Hopefully you will get one before the price increase!
  3. There was a black one in my Chicago boutique a couple weeks ago on Michigan Ave... they always seem to have every color in stock, and they restock frequently. It was only a few days before I was able to get a beige after they had run out.