Grand shopping or Cerf tote?


Grand shopping or Cerf?

  1. Grand shopping

  2. Cerf

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  1. Hi girls, would love to have your opinions on this. I would be using this as a work tote...please vote! Reasons for choosing one over the other would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. I just got the Gr. Shopper this week, and it is very much a handbag--I would go cerf for work. The G. Shopper is only 13" wide, and with the compartment in the middle, folders/laptops will not fit in it easily. However, I will say that i did slip a small notepad into it for short meetings this week, instead of carrying my "work bag" along. It has alot of room for sure, and is a great bag but don't expect it to substitute a work tote.
  3. i voted for the cerf bc i prefer the subtle understated cc turnlock. the bigger C's on the grand shopping aren't as professional to me. but i work in a conservative field so the bigger c's might not be a big deal to you, depending on where you work.
  4. I initially went for the Grande Shopping but had to have the Cerf in black. The Cerf is vey low-key and I like the fact that I can fit my iBook along with some paperworks in it.
  5. I love the quilt and the chain so I choose GS. But I must admit, the bag is heavy even it's empty.
  6. What is teh nature of your work? Mine is pretty conservative so I would feel go with the cerf. the gs is beautiful but a bit flashy for work IMO.
  7. ITA - the GS is too blingy for my work... it depends on your field. I can get aways with a Balenciaga, but I like things with discreet logos/more plain for the workplace. I'm a bit biased though, since I :heart: the Cerf. My favorite is actually the one with the Mademoiselle closure, since it's very discreet and modern.
  8. I voted for the Cerf tote because I recently purchased the large version in black and took it on a trip to NYC with me last week. We had a late flight back home and had to check out of our room early, so I was forced to carry it with me for the entire day. The things I like about it are that it has so many pockets / compartments so you can keep things very organized (I'm really bad about just throwing things in my bags). Also, because it is a very subtle Chanel bag, I felt very comfortable carrying it with me everywhere (subways, shopping, US Open, etc..).

    I also thought about the Grand Shopping Tote, but felt that I would get more use out of the Cerf...but IMO you can't go wrong with either!
  9. I chose for the Cerf Tote =)
  10. I agree w/ the other's questions. . . what will you be using it for mainly?
    I personally prefer the Grand but it may not be as practical. . . {?}
  11. Thanks for all your wonderful advice! I'm planning on toting it to work, will probably have papers and files with me, maybe a binder or two. I too work in a conservative environment (finance) so the grand shopping may be a bit too flashy. Sounds like cerf is the way to go, I wish I could get both!
  12. Wish I could change my vote...I like the GS as it is easier to shoulder...but you could not carry papers, files, and/or binders in it. Cerf or larger bag would be better in this case...