Grand Shopping in black caviar

  1. I was in Paris last week and went to 31 rue Cambon where I picked up this little beauty! I cannot believe how much cheaper it is to buy in Europe. With the 13% vat refund for tourists this baby came out to just under 1100 euro. I swear I can buy a ticket to Paris, buy a couple of bags and spend less than I would have buying them in Canada!:nuts:
    IMG_0502_1.JPG IMG_0505.JPG IMG_0504.JPG
  2. That's a gorgeous bag - congrats!
  3. That is quite simply beauty in handbag form:love: - you must be so pleased! Thanks for posting the pics!:biggrin:

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love it! Are the straps long enough to carry it over your shoulder?
  5. Stunning!!! And don't take this the wrong way but nice body!
  6. I love it! GREAT size and it looks wonderful on you! Thanks for the pix!
  7. Oh- I have that bag! It's gorgeous isn't it????
  8. its really gorgeous! i sooo love it! nice purchase!
  9. Soooo nice. I want it! Your pictures were good!

  10. Wow, I'm :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: over that bag! Gorgeous!!! And how nice that you saved some money, too. That's a winner all around.
  11. I have that bag in beige color. It is such a beauty. Congrats!
  12. I have a similar one in red - enjoy your new caviar beauty!
  13. Love the bag. Looks great on you!
  14. I love it.
  15. It's beautiful! :love: Thanks for sharing the photos :nuts:
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