Grand Opening in Macau!!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. So I was in Macau for a day trip the other day and the Wynn Resort had just opened and inside guessed it, LOUIS VUITTON!!!

    Pity that I went in cause I dropped a pretty penny, but I left with the new Utah Wichita messenger!!! Woohoo! I've been waiting so long for it and it'll surprise my SA at south coast when I get back to CA. 3 weeks ago I bought the bosphore messenger gm, and the port fortune cles to put on the key ring and the small toiletry bag. Pics will be posted when I get back!!! :yahoo:
  2. OMG I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD! But alas my money currently is reserved for the groom pieces I put my name down for and the damier geant mage, but by novemeber I will have this!
  3. Congrats on your buys!
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