Grand opening events

  1. Tonight is the first event (that I'm invited to) celebrating the re-opening of the Fairfax Square (Virginia) store--a "walking" dinner at the French ambassador's residence in DC. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. I'm taking a camera, but I'm not sure this will be an event for photos--I don't want to feel like a complete unsophisticate! I'll update you later if anything exciting happens.

    (By the way, is a walking dinner the same as a buffet? How funny that they wouldn't use a French word to describe it--must be that buffet has too many Bob's Big Boy all-you-can-eat connotations! LOL)
  2. this sounds like fun! Be sure to have a great time and share all your stories with us tomorrow!
  3. Please do report! That's so exciting!
  4. We want details!....And pics, if it's allowed!
  5. sounds soooooo fun!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wow! That sounds lovely and elegant!! Please report back.
  7. How exciting!! Can't wait to hear about it!! Have fun!!
  8. Have fun!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it! Sounds so elegant. :biggrin:
  9. We love reports! Please share.:yes:
  10. Ok....what are you wearing and what H bag are you taking? Better still, can you hide a James Bond-type camera inside and snap pics?

    You've GOT to fill us in on all the scoop as soon as you can!
  11. wow that sounds neat- Hermes must have some serious pull with their native government!
  12. Man I can't wait to hear, my nights nowhere near that glam!
  13. Oh, this sounds amazing! Cannot wait to hear all about it! DETAILS DETAILS!
  14. Lucky you!! I'm anxiously awaiting the report!
  15. Please report in!!!! It's so boring where I live lol!