Food Grand Breakfast: Introducing NYC's $1,000 Bagel


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
Westin Hotel Chef Concocts Luxurious Bagel To Benefit Culinary Students

NEW YORK (CBS) ― In March, CBS 2 introduced you to the $1,000 pizza courtesy of Manhattan restaurateur Nino Selimaj.

Now big spenders tired of dropping big bucks on the luxury pie can now wake up to a grand breakfast at the Westin Hotel in Times Square, where Executive Chef Frank Tujague has concocted his $1,000 bagel.

Yes, that's a thousand bucks for a single bagel.

So what do you get for your money?

The bagel is topped with Alba white truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves.

The white truffle, which is known for its one-of-a-kind aroma, is the second most expensive food in the world, next to caviar, and is very hard to come by. So hard, in fact, that it's grown from late autumn to winter beneath certain oak trees in the Alba region of Italy, where trained pigs and dogs are called upon to find the delicacies.

"I wanted to create something that speaks to New York, and is also a reflection of my culinary passion for seasonality and fine ingredients," Tujague said in a statement. "Bagels are a New York food landmark, which is where the base for this dish came from. White truffles are a simple, quality ingredient that takes the meal, or the bagel in this case, to the next level."

The goji berries are also lauded for their health benefits, as they're the richest known source of beta-carotene of all known foods or plants on earth, and are demonstrated to be a healing catalyst.

Tujague created the delicacy to raise money for the Les Amis d'Escoffier Scholarship, which benefits culinary arts students.

"We wanted this bagel to be more than an over-the-top seasonal menu item. By giving back a portion of the proceeds, we are inspiring future chefs to think outside the box and maximize culinary creativity," said Tujague.

But you better act fast, the luxurious bagel is only available through Dec. 14. And if you're worried about tax and gratuity -- don't worry, that's included in the price.

The $1,000 bagel must be ordered 24-hours in advance. To arrange for your own grand breakfast, call 212-201-2776.

Feb 11, 2006
San Francisco
No thanks. That photo turns me off. The golden leaves look like chocolate wrappers. If I found that on my bagel, I'd peel off every bit. Maybe that could bump down the price?


not humored
Nov 7, 2006
I could literally spend the rest of my life making a list of things I would rather spend a thousand dollars on than this bagel.


Sep 21, 2007
That photo does look gross to me. I would pass for sure. I can think of tons of other things to do w/ 1k!


Italian shopaholic
Nov 14, 2007
Shh...RAOK time
With 1000$ I can spend a week in a 5 star resort in Thailand with my DH :upsidedown:

But I agree with caitlin: a good bagel is worth a lot! (just not money:rolleyes:)


Jun 18, 2007
No thanks. That photo turns me off. The golden leaves look like chocolate wrappers. If I found that on my bagel, I'd peel off every bit. Maybe that could bump down the price?
^ I agree! I would think for $1000 they could come up with a better presentation! :rolleyes:

My first thought was that I would peel off the goji/ gold leaf part as it doesn't look appetizing at all! The cream cheese itself looks kinda meh... I'm not a picky eater AT ALL, but this doesn't look all that great :shrugs:...


Jul 16, 2006
For $1000 they should put more effort into the presentation!

I was expecting a gold-leaf bouquet off to one side, looking all pretty; instead they've hacked up some chunks and just dropped them into the cream cheese.


Jun 1, 2007
The gold leaves are such a turn off for me! I imagine biting into foil (which for some reason really grosses me out). I don't care what kind of rare truffle is on it, I would never spend $1,000 on something that will literally go right through me haha.