Gran Canaria in February.

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  1. Hello everyone :P
    In the beginning of february im going for a vacation to Gran Canaria, Spain. Has anyone else been there? Or maybe someone who lives there might see this. I was looking for peoples experience with weather in this periode. And as the shopping girl I am, I was wondering if anyone knew about what designer butiques they have there?

    Tips and fun advices would be great!

  2. I haven't been to Gran Canaria but I have been to Tenerife in the summer. My parents went to Lanzarote a few years ago in February and I'm really sorry to say this but it rained the whole week and it was really cold :sad: They were so cold in the hotel that they had to turn on my mom's hairdryer to get the room to heat up a bit! So maybe bring some warm clothes and a rain jacket with you.

    Now that said I don't know if it was a freak incident that Lanzarote got rain in February so maybe it won't rain!
  3. Hi! I have been in Gran Canaria three times. Weather is sunnier and warmer in the southern part of the island (Playa del Ingles, Puerto Rico etc.) but I liked the capital of the island, Las Palmas better. There are nice restaurants (near the beach called Las Canteras) and good shopping options! I recommend enormous deparment store El Corte Ingles in Las Palmas! There are also several shopping centres in Las Palmas like Las Arenas and the newest called El Muelle.
    Depending on where you stay, take a bus to the other side of the island. It's cheap and since the island is only 50 km long, it won't take too long!
  4. I have been in Fuerteventura but in summer, july.
    Remeber that water is cold!!!!It was cold in july..
  5. Oh no!:crybaby:
  6. Don't worry!You can stay at the swimming pool if the water in the Atlantic Ocean will be too much cold!
  7. I went to Gran Canaria in Feburary once, but that was a long time ago (about 17 years) I remember the temperature was alright that time of year, we swam both in the ocean and in the pool, but I did wear pants and sweaters in the evening/night. Unfortunately I've heard that this year it's colder than normal, though.
  8. I go to Tenerife every February, its normally around the mid 20 degrees centigrade, last year it was quite windy, but only rained for around half an hour one day and was dry again within 5 minutes, TBH it was very humid that day and it was much nicer after it had rained.:heart:
  9. Thank you!
  10. Been there two times.. Never in february so probably a bit colder now.
    I would recommend to rent a car to really see the island. :yes:
    If you want to go shopping, Las Palmas will be your best option. I am not sure what kind of designer boutiques you will find though.