Grain Size on Togo -

  1. fairly large --
  2. Really?!:oh:

    Compared to this:

  3. any other opinions are appreciated :smile:
  4. i would say its large too. though its about the same size as the 40cm i picked up last week
  5. I'd say medium. This is my bag, it is large on the front, and Xlarge on the sides. It took me some time to get used to it. Now I love it the most. I see your post above and adding. Some people love the large grain. I have two other bags, with the small grain, and I prefer this bag to the two because it is unusual and unbelievable soft. It is confirmed togo in H where I bought it ( I brought it back to make sure)
    birkin full front grain blk.jpg birkin side blk grain.jpg birk b emboss.jpg
  6. I have this on a clemence Kelly, 35cm. If I hadn't bought it at Hermes, I would question it, extreme on the back of the bag. I also love my Kelly but it took time.
  7. ^ Doesn't it? when I first got this I thought(?) Now It is my Favorite So different. But it took so long. Now I see the reg bags, my other bags, no comparison. The side grain is huge, like yak huge but even on both sides.
  8. Thanks for posting the pictures.

    The last two I listed the grain seems smaller than yours - I believe.
    I thought the one by luxwear is small.
    Since I'm not too familar with the leather I'm having a hard time trying
    to figure this out.:s