Grail Enamel? Shallow Obsessing.....

  1. Does anyone have a grail enamel bangle? Sadly, I missed mine on eBay recently...I really hope one of you ladies bought it! (Kelly green, partridges) Am I the only one obsessed with the bangles?????:rolleyes:
  2. totally love the bangles. i love everything about them. the colors and the sound. don't have any grail enamel yet.
  3. i don't have a grail but i have 2 i would love but can't afford right now. i do keep checking eBay for them but at this point it's not in the cards.

    i LOVE the bangles! i have 2 and wear them all the time!
  4. Love the bangles. H, whats your grail?
  5. Love the bangles and the clic-clacs! I am hoping for a black clic-clac with palladium...every time I try to get one, whenever I am at an H, and they NEVER have my size...:cursing:

    Does that qualify for a grail?!
  6. ^yup, that is a grail for sure!
  7. i have been wanting a black with gold hw caleche bangle and i really love the yellow tulips design. but the past few times i saw that one i wasn't sure about it anymore.

    OH! and if we're including clic clacs then i would add the raisin/deep purple one. wowsa! i have never seen one in my size on eBay...
  8. I rarely go for bangles, but fell in love with this one:

  9. ^^^They have those at my boutique, the thin and the medium versions, possibly a wide one as well.

    I'm kind of the opposite - I want an enamel but I'm yet to find a design that I like enough. Purple/raising sounds good though!
  10. looney- i swear i think your boutique has everything! i desperately want the grand fonds II cashmere you said they said.
  11. :lol: They don't have the one thing that I really want though - roofs of Paris scarf in grey colourway with red border.

    If you really want the GF shawl, would you consider buying it over the phone? I know I bought the Turandot scarf from Charlotte store so Manchester might be willing to sell over the phone and post to US? It's really beautiful!
  12. Waikiki has a lot of bangles, and I was surprised to see all the ones they have in SF, too.

    LOVE THE FLACONS!!! I was just admiring the carre, too.
  13. Do they have a scarf also? Sorry, my scarf knowledge is pretty poor. (If you happen to have a pic, could you PM it to me? Thanks CB!!)
  14. oh i can't afford it though i would totally buy it over the phone. and omg i want that paris scarf in that colorway too! lol.
  15. Loony - I love love love that scarf. Do you have a pic of that colourway?