Grafitti Monogram

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  1. Hello fellow TPFers!

    Im new to the LV forum and fell in love for the Sprouse collection. To start off, I have never purchase items from LV before so i was leaning towards a speedy and a scarf of some sort. What do you think a better combo is to start off with:

    1) LV Speedy 35 Mono with a Grafitti Monogram Sarong
    2) LV Speedy 35 Damier with a Grafitti bag charm

    Im stuck! Has anyone purchase the Sarong yet? Any input to how it looks/and its versatility with many outfits.

    Thank you! Im excited to join the LV thread :yahoo:
  2. I vote for #1!
    There are pics of the sarong are the looks really nice and can be worn as a scarf.
  3. I pick choice #1
  4. I vote for number 1, too. I have seen the sarong in person and it seems fairly versatile. the SA used it as kinda of a scarf and a wrap around as she showed it to me. I think you will be able to put it off in many different looks. just remember it is neon green and the colour is quite bright. hope that helps!
  5. Another vote for number 1:tup:
  6. My vote is for choice number 1...I hope this helps!
  7. #1 - Mono Speedy is a classic and the sarong is TDF.
  8. Choice 1 for sure!
  9. choice number one, i'm thinking about the sarong as a scarf too, ever since i saw it on duck. It looks so nice.
  10. Choice 1! The sarong is much more versitile than the bag charm.
  11. #1 would be my choice. I love the monogram with the Graffiti.
  12. Thank you so much everyone!

    Seems to me number 1 is the way to go :smile:

    Ill post pics when i receive them.:tup:

  13. I can't wait to see your picts!
    I'm REALLY excited for the launch of Graffiti in my area (Feb. 2nd) and I can't wait to see what everyone ends up with.