grafitti and roses speedy!

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  1. hi guys!! most of you probably remember when i asked whether i should buy a grafitti and rose speedy or a chanel flap.. i decided on the chanel flap until i saw the roses and grafitti in person!! :drool: i guess the chanel flap can always wait, right? it's not an LE anyway.. hehehe..

    so here are my beauties.. i tried to take the pics myself since DH was at work.. hope you like them!!
  2. wow....very striking looking LV! Looks great on you! Enjoy...
  3. Wooooow! I never thought that i would like the Graffiti-Speedy :heart:
    Congrats and you look great!
  4. I really like the rose speedy. Congrats to both
  5. congrats
    both are a great choice
  6. Love the grafitti!
  7. You made a good call by getting 2 LE LVs instead of the Chanel. Both bags are stunning. Which Speedy do you like better?
  8. love the graffiti. congrats on getting 2 instead of 1. :smile:
  9. Congrats- 2 is always more fun than 1! Plus as you mentioned the flap will always be waiting for you later. Enjoy them they are stunning!
  10. You look great! Congrats on 2 lovely bags!
  11. Fantastic! Congrats!
  12. The roses speedy is beautiful! Love the pics. congrands on your purchases!
  13. thanks for all the compliments guys!!

    hmmm i can't choose.. i think that the roses is more girly and can be paired with more things.. but the grafitti is a stand out and i love it!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Congrats on both your new Speedies - they're gorgeous!