Grafitti and Roses DILEMMA...

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  1. I've had mixed emotions about both the Grafitti line and the Roses, but after seeing all of the pics of peoples bags have me totally wanting something from both lines:drool:, and I don't think a Pochette will do... So, now I'm really thinking hard about what bag to get.

    I've owned both a Speedy 30 and a Neverfull MM in Monogram, but I ended up selling both because I wasn't really a big fan of either. I'm a shoulderbag person, but after I got my Palermo PM I've gotten better at hand carrying my bag. I'm thinking that the Speedy is a better buy because it's a classic, and it's much more comfortable to carry by hand. I can't get the Neverfull to sit on my shoulder, the straps are just too short, and I don't think it's a good bag to hand carry...

    So...I'm thinking about getting a Speedy in BOTH lines, a Roses Speedy and an orange Grafitti Speedy, or should I just get a Pochette in one of the lines?

    Any suggestions? I'm soo confused:confused1:, any advice...?
  2. I am sorry, I can't help. I am really confused as well. :confused1: If only we could buy them all. For me i think it will be Roses Neverfull and pink graffiti speedy.I am sure this will change several times before I view them on Friday.

    Sorry I can't help, but I feel your pain. LOL :roflmfao:
  3. The Pochette is only available in Roses. I suggest getting the Roses Pochette and Orange Graffiti Speedy.
  4. Get a speedy from both lines!!
  5. I think the Rose speedy is just gorgeous, but I also like the Zippy Coin Purse in the Grafitti!
  6. l just do not know......roses speedy, grafitti wallet...l think x
  7. If you can only get 1 from each line, I'd get a Graffiti Speedy and a Rose Pochette.

    Otherwise, get a Speedy from both lines.
  8. I think the colours are similar enough that you can get a speedy in one line and a scarf or the pochette in another. Of course if it makes you happy, one can never have enough speedys.:yes:
  9. Thanks for the feedback!

    I didn't realize that the Pochette only comes in the Roses line - that sucks! I'd prefer to get a Roses Speedy and a Graffiti Pochette, not the other way around. I like the look of the Roses Speedy, so I guess I'll try to get one when they are released here on the 15th and use the next couple of weeks to really think about what to do about the Graffiti. I really want something from both lines!
  10. Get a graffitti speedy in pink--so cute IMO.
  11. My vote goes to the orange graffiti speedy!
  12. I like the pink Graffiti Speedy as well. :smile:

    The Roses collection is definitely NOT my style. :s
  13. Pink or green grafitti Speedy 30 and roses speedy 30 are hot!! Good luck w/ your decision.
  14. If you love both in the speedy than go for it!

    I got the rose speedy and I plan on getting an orange or pink grafitti zippy coin wallet...if I like it IRL.
  15. It IS confusining, huh? I was not liking the roses line AT ALL until I started seeing TPFer pictures; then I could see what the items really looked like!
    If you didn't like the neverfull before, I don't think you will just because it has a different design on it.
    Get the speedies or rose pochette & scarf and the graffiti speedy.