graffitti speedy??

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  1. Hey guys I am really looking into buying a graffitti speedy 2 questions though..was it ever made in a 30 and was it ever made it white writing???
  2. It was only made in 30 and not white, but silver writing (that does come out white in photos).
  3. ohhhh i see!! its not a silvery gray though right?? its more of a light
    silver?? thanks for the help

    for some reason i thought the bag was also made in 25
  4. my friend might have somebody that has it and never used it shes gunna check what size for me
  5. Yes, it's more of a greyish shade:
  6. ooo thanks! i sent it to her! i hopefully will buy it from her
    she got it and never used its not even turning colors yet! im excited hopefully its the same one
  7. they made a lot of fakes with white writing...
  8. guys i called 866 and they told me that the speedy was made in the 25 and 30 and it came in gray writing green and peach and whiteeeeeee
  9. Grey white silver?..

    I don't recall 25 for some reasons..
  10. As far as I know Graffiti line included the following:

    Keepall 50 in khaki and silver

    Speedy 30 in khaki and silver

    Pochette in khaki, silver and peach

    Wallet in peach and silver (I am not sure about khaki)

    Alma PM, MM and long in peach/white and black/white

    There was also a hat box and bandana and some special orders like hard-sided luggage that are pretty rare.

    There was NO speedy 25 nor was there a white writing on any of the items.
  11. In pictures taken with a flash silver writing comes out looking white:
  12. It was NOT made in the 25. I dont know what idiot told you it was. But for sure it ONLY came in the 30 size. Just like the MC Speedy is a 30 size...and not a 25.
  13. Im going to agree with everyone and say it was made ONLY in the 30 as well.
  14. I would kill for a grafitti alma. The one Irene was carrying in the photo was so hot... was that a speedy? didn't look like it,,, I have a pochette in silver, but any of the grafitti is TDF...
  15. It's speedy..