Graffitti print scarf

  1. Any one in love with this print like me? I bought two scarves - one with the black background and one with the biege. I have no idea why I am so drawn to this print . . . and I am going to force myself to only keep one . . .
  2. I have not seen the print. Could you post a picture, would love to see.
  3. Thanks for replying . . . I would but I don't have a camera :crybaby:. . . I think I need to get one to be on tPF lol. I also have a new printer/scanner (and can't figure out how to scan - my old one was simple)
  4. I would LOVE to see a pic of this. Does anyone else have one?
  5. I love those prints from cruise 2007 collection. I saw on the eBay there is a canvas tote with the same graffiti print in white. I'm sure it's. I like the white graffiti scarf better for the spring/summer. THe darker is good for winter/fall.

    I think these are the one.
    graffityblack.jpg graffitywhite.jpg
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. i LOVE the black one
  8. whats the price - if you dont mind me asking?
  9. I really like the white print.
  10. I love this print! It looks soooo pretty on dresses.
  11. I love them both!! But i like the black one better? I would like to know the price also.
  12. Those prints are gorgeous, love them.
  13. OH..I saw this print in the Paris store..I actually like the white background better IRL
  14. I also love the graffit print! :love: :love: Handbagdreamer, I got the black scarf too and have worn it many's great for work. I also bought the white print in a cami, I haven't worn it yet, it's too cold!!
    Proud to show the pics!
    graffiti scarf.JPG graffiti top.JPG
  15. Wow.. I looove the Chanel cami! :nuts: