Graffitti Alma MM

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  1. I've looked for over two hours, and can't find any modeling pics of the Graffitti Alma MM and all I see is the one of Victoria B, with the PM, which looks like a cute small purse.

    Anyone have pics of you holding the MM size? The color that I like is the White and Black.

    My question about this purse, is this MM Alma a different from the Monogram Alma?
  2. #2 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    Hi.. I own the exact bag you are looking for.. it's sweet!
    It is a bit smaller than the monogram Alma. I only use it occasionally as I can't carry all my stuff in it. I am 5'5".. 130lbs.

  3. Here's a picture of it alone...


    And a pic with some of my other bags for size comparison! It looks bigger than my mono speedy 25 in the pic, but the shape is deceiving.. it holds less.

  4. sparklemint-
    You have a really nice collection!
  5. sparklemint your graffiti alma looks brand new!!!!! that's amazing.... you must take real good care of it! :] and your collection is amazing.... lovely pieces you have there!
  6. :love: the purse is so great, thanks so much for posting this pic. :flowers:
    You have a great collection!!!! :smile:
  7. that's a great looking collection. :yes:
  8. omg, sparklemint- im in :heart: with all of your cerises bags and that charm is amazing
  9. Here's mine. Sorry about the mirror shot.

  10. Thanks for the kind words everyone!! Glad to help! :flowers:
  11. Very cute Alma!