Graffiti Zippy dilemma - wallet or coin purse?

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  1. I currently have a pink Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse on hold, but now I'm having 2nd thoughts, thinking I should be getting the Zippy Wallet instead.
    My main concern is that the Coin Purse has no bill compartment, and I used to have a long wallet from Gucci and I really liked it.

    What is the price difference between the two?
  2. I know what you mean about not having a dollar slot. This will be my first zippy coin and I am a little concerned about that as well. But the price difference in the US is about $330, so I am going for the smaller so I can also justify a bag!
  3. I would get the Zippy Wallet... especially if you have bigger bags!
  4. I would get the zippy wallet as it will hold a lot more and shows off the print to better advantage IMO.:yes:
  5. I've seen them both and I prefer the wallet but either one is cute. Depends what you plan on using it for. I have a zcp that I use as a wallet in my smaller bags and a zippy wallet for use in regular bags.

    The zcp definitely doesn't hold enough for me for an everyday wallet.
  6. I'd get the Zippy wallet which is $760. and the Zippy Coin is 4 something.
  7. I prefer the wallet
  8. Wallet all the way :graucho::drool:
  9. go for the wallet
  10. wallet i believe the coin is 435 and the wallet is 765?
  11. Not sure about the price difference but I vote for the coin purse. One of the best wallets I've ever had.
  12. I love big wallets so I say go for the Zippy Wallet.
  13. I saw them both today. I prefer the Zippy Wallet. Looks great and has more graffiti. It can hold everything.

    Having said that, I already have a mono Zippy Wallet for everyday, so I got a Grafitti Zippy coin in Green to put in my smaller, going out/clutch bags. It is really cute! Good luck!
  14. Unless you like the brightness of it, go with the Coin Purse.
  15. I would go for the coin purse:tup: