Graffiti sppedy decision

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  1. Hi! Everyone,

    I went to a local LV shop today and saw IRL and tried the pink and orange, which my SA put on hold, and the green, which was not on hold for me but I got to see and try.

    Originally, I was going to get a pink speedy but when I saw all three colors IRL, I noticed that the orange blends better with monogram while pink characters were really popping up (little bit too much). The green also popped up but it did not overpower monogram.

    My SA was off today so I just left the store still undecided. I am supposed to call my SA by Monday with my decision on the color. I am kind of leaning toward the orange but I am not so sure yet. Could you help me with decision? I am going to carry it in jeans and shirts.

    Has anyone seen graffiti speedies IRL? If so, which one do you like best?
  2. I'm no help, I like them all.
  3. I think it depends on what colors are in your wardroom. I really like the green, but since I normally wear lots of blue I figure that will match my wardroom better. If you wear warm colors and neutrals then the orange would be great.
  4. I like the Pink since I'm a Purple person :happydance:lol!
  5. I am getting pink & green but will probably love the orange when I see IRL! I agree the orange will blend great with the monogram! Oh God, now I want all three!
  6. gapaholic13, I hear you. They all are great in their own way. I wish I can afford all three.

    Thanks, princesskara. You are so right. I am a neutral person with some pink, yellow, and blue. I wore a grey+black dress with black books today and that is probably why I found the orange blending better.
  7. I was at the store today as well with the Green and Orange graffiti. Between these 2, I'd pick the Orange... I guess coz I was wearing dull colors like you did - black, white and dark blue.
  8. Thanks, sweetpurple! I can tell you like pink from you avata. I really like the shocking pink and that is why I am still debating between pink and orange (possible green as well).

    Bagangel, haha~ I did not know I was going to enable another TPFer. :graucho:
  9. I also have a pink one on hold for me until LV launches it on Monday. I will have to go and see the orange one myself now since you mention the orange blends well with the monogram. Sorry, I'm no help.
  10. It all depends on what you wear for your wardrobe. I wore pink outfits alot so I am aiming for the pink graffiti speedy.:smile:
  11. Orange definatly its my fave color
  12. havent seen them yet but I like pink the best from the photos
  13. My SA called me this afternoon and said the same thing about the orange being the best color. I was first for the pink and green, and she is trying to talk me out of the pink. Also, she said that not all of the zippy colors came in and only had the orange one for me right now.

    The store manager said that the orange was by far better than the pink. I was very surprised and did not expect to have to change my decisions.

    I would love anymore insight you have regarding the colors. Thanks!!!
  14. pink!!!!! and then green!!!
  15. Pink!!! I think i love pink the most