Graffiti speedy - khaki or sliver?

  1. I wanna buy a Graffiti speedy, but dunno go for khaki or sliver.....What's your choice?
  2. I LOVE them both, but silver color can be used with more, IMO.
  3. I prefer the silver, I think the green looks kind of grungy.
  4. I like the KHAKI the most but they are bloth fine.
  5. It's a pretty good condition bag, and you are getting it from a trusted seller so you are partially buying reassurance. Have you also checked consignment stores ? They may have some as well.
  6. I LOVE the Khaki.
  7. I prefer the silver, but the green is ok too.
  8. Both Are Beautiful....I Do Love The Silver!
  9. I prefer silver over khaki although both are equally beautiful
  10. i prefer the silver too if you like that line.
  11. YES!

    Since the seller & I both are live in Hong Kong, so we might trade it face 2 face. But the seller told me that they won't able to take paypal payment from me becoz base on paypal policy that they MUST provide a shipping # on the transaction. Is that ture? I have some $$$ in my Paypal a/c, that's Y I want to PAYPAL them....also I think PAYPAL can protect me if the item have something wrong (just in case).

    I'm so nervous, becoz this is my 1st purchase LV from eBay, I usually buy it in LV shop. But the seller have good feedback on eBay also highly recommanded by members of this forum. Am I no need to worry about that? Pls kindly advice. Thanks!!!
  12. Don't worry about the seller. They are REALLY good! I am sure you'll LOVE the bag!:biggrin:
  13. anyone selling a Khaki speedy??.....ahhh....I'd love one!
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