Graffiti Speedy is on it's way!!!

  1. I was looking for a Graffiti Speedy in silver for AGES!!! I've asked my SIL (who is ALWAYS on eBay) to be a on a look out and buy one if she sees it! Well, she just called me and told me that she bought one last night!!! I am doing this at the moment :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:!!!:lol:
    0c401c68.jpg 41ffeaea.jpg 85a0dcf1.jpg 788df7cb.jpg b5632ef3.jpg d2a51c53.jpg d832815d.jpg
  2. Congrats on finding your treasure!
  3. Wow!! That's awesome!! I would love to get a graffiti anything!! Enjoy! Can't wait for the pics.
  4. It's beautiful! Wow, I love it :heart: Lucky girl! Congrats on the awesome purchase.
  5. Irene, I would love that one. It's great. Congratulations. I still haven't received my cerises from let-trade. i hope i will eventually get it.
  6. I love the Grafiti line. Congratulations on your new bag.
  7. Thank you, ladies!!! I know it's silly and it's just a bag, but I am SO EXCITED!!!:smile:
  8. It looks fabulous! Congratulations!
  9. love it! with such nice light leather
  10. Congrat's.
  11. Irene, that's awesome, congrats on that...absolutely gorgeous !!!!
  12. Niiiiiice, I am excited for you! :smile:
  13. It looks great! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! It's beautiful:heart:
  15. Lucky ducky! I yearn for a graffiti speedy
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