Graffiti Queen(s) - Where are you?

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  1. So you know how everyone who has ever loved the Graffiti line seems to have a Graffiti Khaki Speedy or maybe a Graffiti Peach Pochette, but...

    Out of everyone in this entire Forum....

    Who has them all ? :nuts:

    I mean EVERYTHING - Speedy, Pochette, Wallet, Keepall, etc.

    To whoever's the winner, YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I WISH I WERE YOU :yahoo:

    If you have pics, that'd be great too :smile:

    BTW, LV_Addict, I already you know you have everything, lol :graucho:

    My dream is to get something Graffiti, but I'm not sure yet - maybe an Alma PM Peach ???
  2. I don't have all graffiti items but do LOVE my silver graffiti speedy and my two almas!:love:
    I have seen so many great deals on graffiti Alma PM on eBay! You should check them out! They go for way below retail and are in mint condition! Good luck!:flowers:
  3. I can only dream to become a Graffiti Queen!
  4. I am on a few LV boards and I don't know one member that has EVERY piece made - ie: hatbox.
  5. Well, maybe having everything is ALOT to ask for, but someone here has to have the "MOST EVER FROM A PF MEMBER"

  6. YES!!! THE Graffiti item!!! It went for BIG BUCKS on eBay last time I checked!:nuts:
    vuittonkeepall7.jpg vuittonkeepall8.jpg
  7. Here is my speedy

  8. Bah. I only have the peach pochette and want to get a silver Speedy later on. It's not too high up on my list though just yet.
  9. Ok lvbabydoll you are just a graffiti princess for the moment but i'm sure the rest of your collection makes you a QUEEN anyway!
  10. Okay, so far, Irene is wearing the crown :heart: :smile: :heart:
  11. Aww lol thanks. :flowers:
    I just have this thing where I try not to focus on just one particular line..I try to get at least a little something from ALL of the lines.
  12. I understand - it would be interesting to have alot but then again you would also want variate.

    Then again, at least you know where the Graffiti line 'ends'. It's not like we're talking about the Monogram Canvas!

    OMG - Imagine if someone had the entire Monogram Canvas line :nuts:

    I think LV_addict is only like a Tulum or Tikal away from actually having that entire line :roflmfao:
  13. Lol.
    I wouldn't even WANT the entire monogram canvas line..some of the styles aren't even that great and I can't really imagine that even the most devoted LV collector would love EVERY style they come out with.
    As for a collection, I try to get one if not all, of the pochettes from each line that comes out.
    If I DID go for an entire line though, I'd probably focus on the Cherry Blossom..there are quite a few things in that line to collect :yes:
  14. You're so right - the Cherry Blossom collection was like one thee very best lines ever.

    I guess I'm focusing on the Graffiti Line so much because I'm a New Yorker and it looks so street-chic to me. I think those from the big cities would agree that it has a special touch when you're in such a big, exciting metropolis. :jammin:
  15. I have just gotten the discontinued/LE bug...and I figured I would start with pochettes (which means one of every color in grafitti and CB)...then I am going to go down to smaller pieces like cles (give hubby a break lol)....THEN eventually move up to big pieces (like speedy/alma).
    Fortunately though I am only going to collect what I like (and only monogram LE pieces) that means cerises, CB, grafitti & panda.
    So far my lowly LE collection consists of a panda pochette. LOL
    I've got a long list and a long way to go!
    And of course I need to sneak in pieces from this year (something groom, and the mini mono lin speedy) my usually wish list of everyday items!

    OMG...I need 8 jobs after rereading my post!