Graffiti pouchette question

  1. I think I want a graffiti pouchette, I know it came in peach and khaki, what was the third color? Silver or white.

  2. I think they call it silver, but it looks like white irl
  3. Silver which looks white.
  4. I sure wish I could land the peach so I could complete this collection. I'd also need the peach bandana and the white one since I have the khaki one...
  5. The Silver is my fav!
  6. I love my Peach one. Though I wouldn't say no to a white one lol.
  7. No wonder I was confused lol!

    Thanks everyone :smile:
  8. I think the silver really actually looks like silver's only in pics that it looks white from the flash...
  9. The silver looks white in real life. It's not the flash. I don't know why LV called it silver. Lvbabydoll I need the one that you have. Heeheeheehee. Hey, and we're both in Cali. What a coincidence.