Graffiti pochettes - some colors more rare than others?

  1. After I fell hopelessly in love with my fuchsia charms pochette, I have set my mind on a graffiti one now. But I'm not quite sure on the color yet.

    I noticed that on ebay I mostly find the peach or white ones. Are they more common or is it a seasonal thing?
  2. I think that the khaki is more rare.
  3. Ditto, or more popular...I seem to see the peach the most...but that's probably because I like it the
  4. :lol: I agree - the peach is my least favorite.
  5. When I was buying all of mine I found that the silver is the most easily accessible and the cheapest, followed by khaki and then peach. I think there are more peaches out there, but for some reason people charge more for peach than they do khaki.
  6. Ditto to the other responses... I've seen that khaki green is harder to find... >.<