Graffiti Pochette


Which grafitti pochette colour do you prefer??

  1. Peach

  2. Khaki

  3. Silver/White

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have recently (in the last day or so...hehehe) become fascinated with these. Which colour do you girls prefer - peach, khaki, or silver/white???
  2. This is one item I go back and forth on - one day I like the khaki, the next day I like the peach. :shrugs: I did select peach today!! :yes:
  3. i only like the silver. the peach and khaki make the bag look dirty to me.
  4. :lol: Same for me, it's so hard to decide, they are all gorgeous.
    I voted khaki btw.
  5. I voted's just such a cute color! I am also obsessed with them...and am currently trying to buy all 3.
  6. My vote is for the silver
  7. thanks for your opinions girls! SUCH a tough decision...

    twiggers, i wish i could buy all 3 too! are you looking on ebay for them?
  8. Silver !
  9. Still a close race between silver and peach! I wish I could see them all IRL...that would probably help a lot too...
  10. silver is my fav color for graffiti..
  11. I love love love the silver. The khaki is ok but I don't like the peach at all.
  12. Wow! Silver's totally winning now!!

    Can anybody tell me a bit about the history behind this bag? i.e. When it came out? What the original price was?
  13. Yes I am! The only place left to get them unfortunately:sad:
    I have my eye on auctions for all 3 right now...and maybe I'll get lucky and be able to snag them for a good price.
    I have a $ amount set for the maximum I will spend on each piece.
  14. Thanks kahluamilk! I'm definitely going to check on ebay!

    twiggers - good luck with your search! i'm going to look for a silver one on ebay...hopefully we don't bid against each other...i don't want to bid against a fellow PFer!