Graffiti launch delayed until 16th Feb for Asian Region??

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  1. I spoke to my SA and she confirmed that the graffiti bags & SLG launch will be delayed until 16th Feb for the Asian Region? It will launch in the States & Europe on 2nd Feb...has anyone else heard this?
  2. Hiya Shalom!

    SnowyPam has also confirmed this on the Australian thread :sad:
  3. Yep..I just mentioned this in the Singapore Thread. I was told the same thing :sad:

  4. I wonder if they will launch the Neverfull then too??? They have the keepall, speedy & SLG all instore but can't sell them until then:tdown:
  5. I just got the news via my SA too... sad sad sad...
  6. Odd...until yesterday evening, i was told face to face that it was still the 2nd....and I was able to buy the zippies and speedies. I got the coin purse with me now :smile:
  7. ^^ I agree it is odd as of yesterday the launch was set for Monday but the store received an email today stating that it would be delayed until 16th Feb. Congrats on your purchases:yes:
  8. ^^ I know of someone who bought and brought home a graffiti speedy just last thursday. I think they are offered to VIC first and apparently VIC snapped them all up so the next shipment is 16th.

    Any chance that NF will come in on 16th?
  9. ^^Really .. they still have all the items here in store. My SA said she thought it was to ensure the neverfull would be launched with the other items .. but who really knows:shrugs:
  10. Yep I got the call from the SA too so sad especially I got the call yesturday too saying it was monday and now 26th, what are we going to do for valentines day??? I guess they wanted to promote their vernis items first! no said when that happens delayed and delayed!
  11. I am so confused. They sold the graffiti speedy to her before 2 feb and now they say can see but cannot buy.

    If it is to ensure they can launched with NF, sounds like NF will be available before March?
  12. 26th? I thot it is 16th? Sigh...