Graffiti: late - again!

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  1. I'm so depressed!
    I called my store today, few minutes after they opened, to make sure I got one of the beautiful graffiti wallets.
    As I ask for him to see if there is any left, it takes him quite some time to get back on the phone. Reason? - Here it comes "It seems like we haven't got in all the graffiti stuff we were suppose to. It should be in today......og during the week. But we will call you..... if your name is in the top of the list"

    So not only do I - maybe - have to wait until friday. But it is not even sure if I get one. I feel like I should call the store every day when the open and right before they close. But, that might not make my name very populare in my store..

    Anyone else told from the store that they haven't recieved it all ?
  2. I called my local boutique precisely at opening. The store received 4 pinks, 1 green, and 1 orange. I am glad I called so early because I got the last pink speedy.

    I wanted the pink wallet but that had sold out so I got wait listed. The pink graffiti heels were no longer in stock so my SA is trying to locate a pair.
  3. My SA just called me and said the bags are selling quickly but they still have accessories. I didn't ask which bags they had left if any because I've been mulling over a zippy coin wallet which he knew I was on the fence over. Maybe you could try calling other LV's.
  4. OR you could go to the LV website and order whatever you want.
  5. they don't have pink graffiti speedy or zippy available, nor the shoes...but the other stuff is available!

  6. Just checked the LV website E-Shopping. All the graffiti speedys and zippy wallets are available to purchase on line.
  7. hmmm....that's really weird. the pink zippy and speedy are still showing for me as out of stock. i'd love it if they were available online right now!!!!


  8. It seems that some of the stores are receiving their stock late ... the LV in my city didn't receive any pink speedies, they only got in 2 orange and 2 green. I guess a lot of stores are receiving their stock this week. I put my name down for the pink speedy.:yes:
  9. I just called my SA and got the Orange Grafitti (To go with my weekender Pulp Bag) and she said they were out of the speedy in pink too- they did have the Orange Keepall set aside for me and I am not getting it since I got the Roses Keepall if anyone wants it that was at the Chicago Michigan Street Location.

  10. That went real fast!! When I was on it earlier, it showed that it was available. Just keep checking on it. The pink is a hot color and it will disappear as soon as it becomes available.

    My hubby just picked up mine in Houston Galleria today. They have all 3 colors in wallets and speedys. If you want you can do a sent/charge. They offered that to me if I couldn't make it. Hubby took a day off just to pick it up in person.
  11. i just ordered an orange speedy from the website, they're all in stock at this minute...
  12. The Green and Orange speedies as well as the small zippies in all three colors were all available at my store since Saturday. Still there today when I went again.
  13. the didn't receive it yet where I live
  14. Thanks for posting the web info! I ordered mine online since I went to the store and they didn't have any in green (which is what I want). They did have an orange speedy though. By the way, I think the colors look so much better IRL. I loved all of them! :heart:
  15. i got my pink grafitti speedy today in Toronto. I was on the waitlist so i got the 2nd one (it was also the last one they had in stock). I wanted to compared to the ornage one (even though i knew i would be going for the pink, but the orange speedies are all gone too..