Graffiti KeyRing On Treillis Bag

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  1. A match made in heaven? I took the Treillis out for a spin last weekend with my new key ring. :PI love that the orange actually matches with the red coloured edges of the vacchetta leather. The graffit style compliments the 'street-tough' look for monogramouflage pattern as well.


    Treillis+Graffiti_KeyRing.jpg Treillis+Graffiti_KeyRing2.jpg
  2. They look great together ! Love it :love:
  3. It looks great ...I love my treillis too...great casual bag:yes:
  4. i really like how the orange complements the green of the Mono'flage. i just might get a Graffiti keyring too :yes:
  5. I love how you styled it. This just proves how versatile the Graffiti keyring is. Hmmm... :smile:
  6. perfect match! looks greAT!
  7. They really look great together. The orange pops against the dark camo background!
  8. Congrats! It's looks good!!
  9. Gorgeous, love the orange on the Trellis!
  10. Looks great!!!
  11. That looks great! Super idea you gave us all - thank you :smile:
  12. They do look very good together!
  13. Oooh they ARE adorable together ! :heart:
  14. They look hot together... :smile:
  15. I LVoe your combination!! :tup:
    I wish I had gotten the Trellis when it was still around...