Graffiti keepall 50?

  1. I am thinking of purchasing one on eBay or lettrade, what do you guys think? Is it worth the markup? I love it and all...but how much did it retail for, and plus the fact that it's 6 years old.
  2. I would love one of these...I say go for it !
  3. get it if you can. it was retailing for $600 at the time
  4. sorry, i don't know what the original price was for it. the one on let-trade has never been used, and looks great. i would go for it...not too many people can say they have it!
  5. that's depressing, hahahaha. I wish I was an LV fan 5 years ago, but I was only ... 13? 14? Sheesh.
  6. I really like this piece. Love the graffiti print.
  7. I love that Keepall on LT's site - I want it SOOO BAD and the condition is great, compared to his other used items :love:
  8. It WASN'T $600!! :p :push:

    I certainly WISHED it was! I was in high school at the time... and I went to the store BEGGING them for one. And they said they were avaliable for $980. I will never, ever forget it! That was the first expensive LV piece that I wanted. I only had $750 saved up at the time, so if it was $600 I would have had my dream Graffiti Silver keepall now!! :crybaby:
  9. I saw one on eBay with an actual tag that said $750...

    w/e the price was and im sticking with 750 because I know what I saw and a lot of the SA's out there are half retarded the bag is awesome and within time it could go up even more in price
  10. I would get it.
  11. Yeah, I remember you showing me this auction too.

    I would DEF. get this bag!!! It's SOOO hot!
  12. only 750/980? and it's a keepall50? that's hot. i'd buy it. i hate ebay and online purchasing not through eluxury....what a bummer.
  13. it was $750 I got mine at the time and I still have the receipt somewhere. I got the keepall cause any speedies were available then I got my silver speedy which was around $500.
  14. i love this.
    Get it if you can