Graffiti Hatbox on ebay


Jeans and Heels
Mar 7, 2006
^Did the seller sell it? There was one offer but, it was declined. The offer was made by the guy selling all those Miroir bags on Ebay. Hahaha. He probably low balled. But, with all those Miroir bags being sold I would think he would have no problem parting with 6k. LOL.
Mar 28, 2006
I've always wanted one of these......anyone have $6,000 I can borrow? :roflmfao: The price actually isn't terrible- the last time I saw a silver one on ebay it went for almost $9k (but I never realized how small it was!)

eBay: Louis Vuitton Graffiti Hat Box, Bag - Rare & Pristine!! (item 150064666975 end time Dec-04-06 13:40:34 PST)

It's a lovely hat box - I had one in the silver colourway last year, that sold for considerably more and the customer was delighted to finally find such a rare piece .... here's a pick below that shows a size comparison with a Graffiti Speedy 30cm