Graffiti Hatbox and Luggage?!?!?!

  1. Graffiti Hatbox.jpg vuittonkeepall8.jpg aaa hatbox.jpg vuittonkeepall7.jpg 9513154_l.jpg
  2. The hard cases were never sold to the public, only used for the runway show in 2001. Trust me I asked vuitton a million times to special order some alzers and cases in graffiti for me, but france denied the request. All the luggage pieces were made for the show only and are now stored in some LV warhouse or dispayed in LV stores during special occations. The hat box was available but for me at the time it was way too pricey. Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. im pretty sure hard-sided Graffiti were available for limited (VIP only) sale just like those Multicolour suitcases. i've seen photos of Sharon Osbourne and Elton John with Graffiti luggage :yes: