graffiti has landed!!!!

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  1. i went to louie today to scope out the graffiti FINALLY in real life cant officially buy till monday but im so glad the orange isnt that great so i will be getting the pink and green speedy, pink zippy wallet, pink and green zippy coin, and pink here are the three 2 more days!!!!!:yahoo:

    by the way the inside of the wallets are GORGEOUSSSSSSS SUPER BRIGHT!!!!!
  2. OMG!!!! Can't wait to see them IRL
  3. Stunning, thanks for sharing......Between the green and pink Speedy, which one do you like better?
  4. arghhhh i was so sad to walk away empty handed i begged my sa to let me walk away with them but she said she would be setting a bad example for her employees so i will be there as soon as they open to pick up my goodies...i cant wait!!!!
  5. they are both soooooo bright and so gorgeous !!!!!! if i had to choose it would be pink but thats cause pinks my fav color...the insides of the wallets were unreal so bright just amazing!!! the whole collection is even better irl!!!
  6. Why did you not like the orange? My SA said that the orange was the best color and went with the background better than the pink and green. She said that when she was comparing the pink and orange that everyone liked the orange best. I would appreciate your thoughts because I was first for the pink and green speedy, and she is trying to talk me into the orange instead of the pink and just getting the pink in the Neverfull. Thanks!
  7. orange wasnt as just didnt pop like the other two... my friend and brother also agreed orange didnt look as nice as the other two green is supposed to be more limited...i would get pink totally instead of orange its just SO much prettier:smile:
  8. I'm going tomorrow to check them out! I bet it was hard walking out of LV empty handed!
  9. I like the green best!
  10. Is there a large zippy in pink, for sure??
  11. Lovely! I'm sad my store only got the zippy wallet in orange, I wanted pink so I'll have to wait for another shipment :sad: Or, call another store...
  12. Thank you for the pic! Decisions, decisions.... :thinking:

    Just a question... In the pic the brightness of the orange & pink look comparable, but the green looks more subdued. Is that the case or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  13. ^^^ It's the picture... the picture makes the green look apple green, but it's not haha.

    The wallets look HOT ... I would love a Graffiti or Rose Zippy wallet.
  14. OMG So hot!!!
  15. yeah sorry i took this pic on my iphone sucky :sad:the orange is actually kinda true to the pic out of the three the green is THE just have to go see irl cause they are so much nicer than this picture..the pink and green stand out much more than what you see here