Graffiti Foever!!!

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  1. Hi guys, do you think you would carry Rose or Graffiti bag for next 10years? I got Rose Speedy for myself and I'm planning to get something in Graffiti too, but my husband said this is just trend and I won't use them after this season.... I think I would use Rose for long time.... maybe not everyday because too cute!!! and if I get Graffiti NF... I would use it for long time too as a casual day bag. What do you guys think?
  2. If it makes your heart melt to look at them then I say get it!;)
  3. My husband says the same thing. Rose and Graffiti are trendy bags for this season. It just so pretty to look at that I'm planning to add them to my collection anyway.
  4. I say live for right now and get it!!!
  5. I think your husbands right!
  6. I say enjoy it if you like it. Worse case you can sell it, and make back some of your money. I personally think its season thing. I dont think there are many LE that hold their wow factor seasons/years later.
  7. Yes, based on the fact that I am still carrying my Graffiti from 2001 and it is now 2009.
  8. Oh, how I disagree with this! Each time when I pull out one of my LEs, whether it be my CB Pap, Mirage Speedy, Peach Graffiti they still :graucho:wow me! My love runs deep!:heart:
  9. I live for the moment so it doesn't matter if it looks wrong in 10 years time. I am sure along the way, I would have sold it.

    I like rose and graffiti. If I can, I'll get both!
  10. Life is short..whatever make u happy ..just go for it! I love i've got it..and I'm happy.
  11. I say get what you really want and want to use now, the worse case scenario is that you don't use it after a while and then you can sell it, right?
    Personally I do think that the graffiti line is probably shorter lasting, but I think roses will last at least a bit longer. I could definitely use a roses speedy or NF for a long time.
  12. If longevity is a factor in your decision, I would pass. The first graffiti line was much more versatile as because of the large print and colors. They weren't neon. We're in 2009, and neon still screams 80s.
  13. I totally agree with BagsRME :yes:
  14. I think the now graffiti with the neon does have a longevity factor. I think its youthful and dates itself that way. To be honest I'd much rather see a 60 year old carry something from the roses line than the yes I do feel it is trendy in a sense...

    but at the same time if you feel you are the type who sets their own trends by all means get the graffiti too!
  15. i think it's classic! everytime I see someone (and it's not often) with an original graffiti I am totally impressed and in awe! go for it!