Graffiti collection pics!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been reading all of the threads and looking at everyones pics and enjoying them. I am new to this forum and really like it. As a new member I am adding these awesome pics of the graffiti runway show for everyone who is obsessed with it.:nuts: Enjoy!
    vuittonkeepall1.jpg vuittonkeepall2.jpg vuittonkeepall3.jpg vuittonkeepall6.jpg vuittonkeepall7.jpg vuittonkeepall8.jpg vuittonkeepall13.jpg
  2. Graffiti rocks!!! I love them all!
  3. Love them....thanks for sharing
  4. I never knew there was black graffiti?
  5. I love the Graffiti collection. Definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Welcome to the PF! And thanks for sharing the awesome pics
  7. Thanks for the pics! I have been thinking of getting the speedy 30 and you have just sealed the deal for me!lol:yahoo:
    Did they ever come out with a wallet to match? Please someone let me know:smile:
  8. My Faveorite Collection!
  9. Welcome to the PF!! I'm really starting to like the graffit line.
  10. Welcome...great pics...thanks for sharing!
  11. oooh... the suitcase is so cool!!! i never really see it!!!
    thanks for the pics :P
  12. Love the suitcase! Awesome pics! thanks.
  13. :upsidedown: I LOVE THOSE PICS!

    I never saw the pink before......
  14. WOW! Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  15. Thanks for the eye candy shots!
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