Graffiti Alma handles

  1. Hi, I was wondering for those of you who have the Graffiti Alma, the silver hardware, the area where it is attached to the handle, is it normal for the back of the hardware to stain the purse with a black mark over time? I purchased a new bag and the seller sent me a picture with this stain. I'm debating whether I should keep it or not. She's willing to refund my money if I don't want it. (she hasn't sent it yet) It was a good price but I'm wondering if these stains are normal with time. Any input would be very helpful. Thanks! :smile:
  2. pic
  3. Hi, here is the pic. I hope I attached it ok...:confused1:
  4. Yes, it's normal. I've only used my alma ONCE and my handles do that too:
  5. Thanks so much for the pic Irene! So you think I should go ahead with the purchase of this bag then?? It's supposed to be brand new, with the plastic wrap over the handles still, but it has these stains already. I got it for a great price too...
  6. Yes, I think you should go ahead. I am going to go up and see if I can use some sort of leather cleaner to take the stains off. But it's only normal for the metal to stain the leather (esp. white leather) by rubbing against it.