GRAFF Jewelry - Pictures Please!

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  1. Hi Purseforum! I want to start a thread to add pictures of GRAFF jewelry!

    I saw a few Graff ads online and in magazines, but I was never able to step in to a store until my recent trip to Asia a few months ago. I went into the GRAFF store at the Ritz Carlton in HK to see a few engagement rings with my hubby to be. It was an absolute treat, albeit small.

    In Tokyo, we were able to go to a bigger store located right at our hotel in The Peninsula in Ginza. It was an absolutely charming experience...

    I saw two rings that stole my heart:

    1. 3 carat solitaire centre stone with heart-shaped side stones. I was not a heart shaped diamond fan at all until now. I have small hands so amazingly I think the heart side stones complement my hand.. (attached to this post)

    2. 3 carat solitaire centre stone with pear side stones
    The hubby-to-be mentioned that the pear sides make the centre rock look bigger. (will attach to the next post)

    I saw a 3 carat oval halo at Harry Winston.. And I'm shocked that the above blew the HW out of the water. I am dazed and amazed...

    So the question goes, which one do you prefer? Do you have a better suggestion from GRAFF? Let me know your thoughts! Post pictures of your GRAFF jewelry please!

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  2. Attached are photos of 3-carat with Pear shaped side stones

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  3. Pears!!! Definitely pears!

    What are the stats on the round? (Angles...)
  4. Pears definitely look more classic :smile: Thanks ame! The centre stone is 3.02ct D VVS2, I don't have info about the angles unfortunately.
  5. I would certainly get that information if you intend to purchase this ring. BEFORE you buy it.
  6. I vote for the second one with Pear side stones. That's breathtaking!! :loveeyes: Looks fabulous on your hand!!
  7. I like the ring with the pear diamonds. I think the pears really make the center stone stand out.
  8. LOVE the second one with the pear side stones!
  9. Another vote for the second one. That ring is TDF!!!:loveeyes:
  10. I vote second too, the it makes the ring look more elongated and elegant. It also gives more finger coverage.
  11. Love the one with pears on you. The ring is beautiful. What are the size of the pears and if you don't mind, please share the price tag of the ring for diamond educational purposes :smile:
  12. Love the ring and congrats on the engagement
  13. The second one with pear stones is lovely!
  14. Hubby to be is right...definitely pear shape!
  15. I'm dying here, that second one is simply stunning :faint: First one is also a stunner but not so keen on the heart shape.