1. I'm graduating tomorrow! i am soooo scared! :shocked: lol but happy at the same time. Its such a strange feeling, i am kind of in shock as corny as that sounds. So i wanted to ask did anyone stay really good friends with anybody they knew from high school? marry their highschool sweetheart? and i actually consider high school to be the greatest part of my life even though i know people who hate it and can't wait to leave... does anyone have any major regrets about high school or college? If i could relive it all over i wouldn't change anything at all.

    Wish me luck as of tomorrow at 6pm i will be officially out of high school... *bites nails* oooooh my

    I hated my final HS.
    I grew up in Okla, K-Spring Break my Soph yr of high school and then my Dad moves us to Houston!
    Yes, Spring Break Sophomore year!!!
    Oh yeah, the girls at the new school were REAL excited too, I had major issues blending in. . . so I hated it! LOL!

    I still have a really great guy friend from HS and one really great girlfriend as well, I graduated in '93.
  3. Good luck ! you will be fine, relax and enjoy !!! you worked hard for it.:heart:
  4. wow i would have hated to move around! i almost went to a catholic hs too and at the last minute after i took all the tests and everything i decided not to and it was the best thing ever! Its good to knwo you still kept some friends with everyone going off to college its hard to think about still being friends even though i have known most of them since 2nd grade! lol Thanks for the Congrats!

    Thanks pradas! I know everything will work out eventually lol but i definitely have major issues with change! on the plus side though i get my tennis bracelet tomorrow (idk if anyone remembers but i posted about it a while ago... i think the thread was called I'm feeling very guilty...)
  5. Oh Congrats!!! It's exciting! I've had three graduations now and HS was definitely the best, you're just so young, and I'd been going to school with some of the same people since kindergarten it was a tremendous feeling, I'll never forget when Pomp and Circumstance started playing over the speakers!!
    I regret that I didn't have more fun in HS! I was just so studious, I didn't really start having fun (and skipping class) until senior year LOL! Have a GREAT time tomorrow
  6. I didnt really start doing all that stuff until later too but i took AP courses and am leaving with some college credits already so i feel like its worth it lol thanks for the congrats! I can't wait for it tomorrow, i hope it doesnt rain or i can only invite two people instead of teh 14 that are coming now :amazed:
  7. Congratulations!

    I still keep in contact with a few of my highschool friends, even though I graduated about 3 years ago. I graduate from college next May, and I'm getting a bit scared thinking about that haha. Are you going to college? If so, which one? Freshman year of college (IMO) will be one of the more memorable moments of your life, because you live with new people and meet all new friends, all while being away from your parents.
  8. hey marspalm - congrats!!! graduation will be FUN! we never had anything like that when i was in HS... i actually hated HS!!! i only stay in contact with about... umm, less than 5 ppl from HS and thats about it... i dont think i would of changed anything at all... life is life... BUT college/university is FUN!!!! woo hoo!!! i hope you have a great summer too!!!!
  9. Yes, i'm going to rugters. I'm actually living at home for the first year at least because i planned to go to villanova (in PA) but my guidance counselors got switched and the woman i got is totally clueless and never sent anything thing for like 1/2 of the kids she has and meanwhile none of us knew until it was almost too late. So villanova got my midyrs and school reports 3 days before decisions went out. I am thinking of transfering there next year or at least living on campus at rutgers.
  10. :lol: I hear ya! Sorry our stories arent very heart warming but.............. I didnt keep in contact with one friend, and right after graduation my highschool sweetheart and I broke up! Any way Im much older than you, and life turned out really good! Happy graduation:flowers:
  11. congratulations..... what an accomplishment.. hope u have fun tomorrow..
  12. OMG, congrats....
  13. I just want to chime in with the Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats!!! Have fun tomorrow and although I definately think that you'll look back on your highschool years fondly, I think there's a LOT more fun in store for you in your days to come. ;)

    Once again congratulations on your accomplishments!
  15. Congrats! :biggrin: