Graduation presents!!!

  1. So for graduation from college, my friends indulged me in my love for all things H. ;) My best friend got me the Crocodile Billfold that I had been lusting after for a few months and some of my other friends pitched in gift cards for a belt. Attached are photos as well as the Bearn Lizard 6 keyholder and Brighton Piccolo I had bought for myself for getting into fashion school a few months ago. Thanks for looking! :yahoo:



  2. yummy H goodies! congrats!
  3. W O W! First of all, many congratulations for your graduation! You have some really lovely friends ;)

    What's the color/leather combo of your belt? Is it black box with something chocolate-ish?
  4. Wow, you have some very nice friends, Mr. Posh! Good for you!!
  5. Wowza!:nuts: marvelous gifts! I would luv a croc billfold for my dear dh!

    Thanks for sharing:smile:
  6. What fantastic friends!

    Great gifts too and congrats on your graduation.
  7. Congratulations on your graduation! And let me say OMG! I love everything! holy smokes!!!! Enjoy in the best of health!
  8. Fabulous. Do you need more people in that circle of friends. I need friends like that.
  9. for the love of H I want your friends
  10. Gorgeous grad gifts!!
  11. Congrats on Graduation and on your lovely Hermes pieces!
  12. woohooo.. gorgeous gifts!! congratulations!!
  13. That's a great start to your collection.
  14. congratulations, lovely wallet and belt, great friends you have.
  15. Love all of your goodies:heart: congrats on your graduation:tup: and what lovely friends you have