Graduation present suggestions please!

  1. Ok so a very close friend is getting her masters degree in nursing. I have no idea what to get her. :confused1:

    I'm planning on giving/spending between $300-500. I would like to get her jewelry but she's super hard to shop for. I was going to get her a Tiffany necklace (star of David) but she said that she has a similar design that she doesn't wear much. She already has a bunch of pearls and in general loves jewelry and buys it for herself often - usually nothing designer although she likes it so I thought that might be nice. I just think for a close friend a gift would be appropriate - I just can't think of what! :sad:

    She is more conservative than me - we just have different taste. She likes knitting - so maybe something there? I don't know maybe people could say nice things they got? I am planning on bringing up a nice bottle or two of champagne and was thinking maybe flutes - or is that too 'wedding' like?

    She told me not to get her anything since she might move soon - and my coming up is a gift enough - the classy response - but I would get her a housewarming gift anyways and I just feel like she would love something special to keep and commenerate this moment.
  2. When do you need to give the gift? And if it's a combination housewarming present (sort of) are ceramics totally out of the question? Does she like art?
  3. ^^
    By the end of the month - she'll be moving later, so I don't need to combine the presents. Probably no on ceramics - she likes art but I seriously doubt I could get anything original or even a litho or something in that price range unless I was shopping outside the US. I wouldn't do a print or anything.
  4. If she's moving, why not a gift certificate to a nice spa in her new city? After the stressing of moving, finals and graduation, I'm sure a day at the spa would be a huge treat for her!
  5. How about a gorgeous Mont Blanc pen?
  6. Tiffany has other beautiful and classic designs, I am sure you can find one in that shop. I am sure she will love it because you will never go wrong with a tiffany.
  7. how about a stethoscope (sp?) with a personalized engraving on it.
  8. A nurse related present might be good - I just don't know what a good one would be.

    I like the idea of something from Tiffany - she seems to like designer jewelry but doesn't buy any for herself. Its just the problem of what - she wears gold, so silver is sort of out.

    A pen sounds like a nice idea too - I've never had a nice pen - do they come in something so that you can keep them in your purse?

    Love the spa idea - but its fleeting - I don't know something lasting would be great.

    I'm going crazy trying to think of something!
  9. I was just looking at Tiffany's for a gift (and for me I love Tiffany's) and I came across a silver bracelet that might be a good gift for your friend. (My sister is a nurse so I'm always on the lookout for clever nurse type gifts ;) Its called "cross tag bracelet" and its the medic type cross.
  10. Winternight, if you are considering art for your friend (maybe as a housewarming present later), you can get beautiful original artwork on Etsy. Opinions on art are subjective of course.

    This is cute - original illustration with ink and watercolour

    LaMaga - when I grow up I want to be ... a nurse


    shoofly - knit painting (currently on exhibit at artomic in DC)

    $280 plus shipping




    $130 plus shipping



    $109 plus shipping


    $340 plus shipping

  11. Since your friend likes to knit, do you think she'd appreciate fashion tatted jewelry like this:



    There's a shop on etsy where the items are all made by nurses:

    nursesnaturally - a loving heart bracelet watch set (all nurses need a good, reliable watch)


    Sorry you said "No" to ceramics: Kim Westad for instance has some unique vases eg:

  12. How about something unique for your friend?

    Jewelry made of laminated pencils - this is beautiful:



    Mini sculpture (would make an excellent housewarming gift as well):

    Custom pencil urchin


    Needlewoven bracelet by SandFibers