Graduation Present!!! Pictures!!

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  1. For my college graduation my parents got my the J12 that I have been wanting forever, I love it so much and get so many compliments!!! Also, here is the custom jewelry camellia ring, sorry it took so long to post both of these. I love this ring, but I still really want the fine jewelery camellia ring down the line. Thanks for letting me share!!
    j12.JPG camellia.JPG
  2. congratulations! beautiful watch and ring.
  3. Both are beautiful!
  4. So hot!!!! :heart: I :heart: j12.
  5. congratulations and your watch is beautiful.
  6. Congrats on graduating!! Both pieces are fabulous!!
  7. wow...congrats...this will be my next cc
  8. thanks so much everyone!!!
  9. All the best to you - great gifts !!:smile:
  10. Beautiful!!! And congrats on your graduation!!!
  11. I love that watch! Congrats on graduation and your lovely gifts!
  12. Congrats on your graduation!and on your presents too!:drinkup:
  13. Congrats, love the J12 and camelia ring!
  14. Congrats on the watch and the ring, well deserved.
  15. congrats! the watch and ring are gorgeous!