Graduation present ideas?

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  1. My cousin is commencement speaker for his college. He has a lot of school pride. Other than that, I don't know that much about him. Any ideas for a graduation present for him? I don't really want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars. Thank you!
  2. hmm i don't know much on appropriate gifts for graduation but a watch or something that you would be comfortable giving to any man for any occasion would be a safe bet. i'm horrible at coming up with presents for guys.
  3. What about a sterling silver picture frame from Tiffany? Snap a pic of him giving his speech, then stick it into the frame for him. Even if he doesn't keep it himself, I bet he'd hand it off to his mom or girlfriend! It's a thoughtful gesture.
  4. Well, not a traditional gift idea, but when I graduated college and was going into a grad program after, what I really needed was money. I had an aunt that sent a store gift card and I used it for apartment stuff and that was so much better than material stuff. I think that would be helpful for anyone moving out/starting a new job.
  5. moneys always nice...if he has a lot of school pride maybe you can get him something to do with his school?
  6. I would also say money
  7. Cash is always appreciated as a new college grad.

    I've been given two graduation gifts that were creative, thoughful, and fun!

    One family friend took my graduation announcement and had it framed in a double-frame with linen matting. A pic of me with in one of my college t-shirts is on the other side. It's still on my fireplace and one of my favorite gifts.

    The other requires much more work, but is GREAT! My older cousins gave me a "nest egg" - literally. They made a hollow ceramic egg, painted it, and had an iron "holder" for it. There's a little plaque that says its my "nest egg". They cut a hole in one end of the "egg" and stuffed it full of bills. The card said I could break in case of emergencies, or to invest in a real nest-egg for future. I can't bring myself to crack that sucker so I really have no idea how much is in there.
  8. Great ideas!

    I don't like giving money, though it is definitely helpful. I don't think he really needs it though....

    I gave him a watch before....

    The picture frame idea is a good idea.... I guess we have front row seats because he's the commencement speaker so hopefully I will be able to take good pictures.

    I want to get him something more school-related though. For Christmas, I bought him personalized towels in the school colors with his name on some and the school's name with "Homecoming King" written on the others. (He won Homecoming King.) He loved that. I want to do something similar, or at least in the school colors. I looked for college memorabilia, and can't really find anything besides clothes and sports gear (he goes to a big sports school)....
  9. maybe u can get something interesting like a pocketwatch with the insignia on it? otherwise you can get something nice like a sterling silver business card holder and have the logo and/or slogan engraved on the inside
  10. Check the school's bookstore website and see if they have an Alumni section or Gifts and accessories. you could get him his first "Alumni" shirt, or a nice polo.

    I've seen really nice desk sets with the school emblem, clocks, business card holders, throw blankets, etc. Some schools also sell really nice Diploma Frames with a pic/sketch of the school symbol/mascot/landmark. They look like this: (I have the sketch which is nicer IMO)

  11. gift card?:confused1:
  12. An Ipod?
    My BF and I gave an ipod to his best friend for his degree and he really appreciated it!