Graduation Present Help....Regular Mono or Steven Sprouse?

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  1. Here's the deal. I'm a "non traditional student", married, 2 kids and just graduated at age 39 with my B.A. I'm also starting Grad school in the fall. I have always had a love for LV & actually would purchase used and return because I felt so bad (mom guilt 🙄). Because my graduation is a HUGE accomplishment for me (literally took me 20 years to complete), I think I'm going to put my mommy guilt aside and purchase & KEEP a LV. I cannot afford or justify a new one do it would be used but I'm torn between the Steven Sprouse (specifically pink graffiti but like the rose as well) or judge the classic mono. Any thoughts on the graffiti? Should I stick with classic?


  2. Hi KDD! First off congrats on your graduation!! That is a phenomenal reason to celebrate and commemorate with a LV! Now, I may have a biased opinion on this topic as my favorite LV collection ever produced was the Stephen sprouse hence my profile pic! LOL

    I own the pink graffiti never full and it is a beauty. It's so unique and with the new direction of LV I would imagine it won't come around again. The pink graffiti never full only came in the GM size, so keep that in mind when you are deciding. The Stephen sprouse rose never full only came in the MM size. The roses are gorgeous. I feel like the whole collection is comparable to carrying a piece of art on your arm. You really could not go wrong with either piece. Which size do you feel would be more useful for you? I would almost base the decision on that because as I said both the roses & graffiti are stunning! Good Luck & let us know what you decide! :smile:
  3. Thanks!!!! Honestly, I'm tall and have 2 kids do definitely think the GM would be my best bet. I keep going back to the Cabas alto too 🤔🤑

  4. The cabas alto is a great bag as well! I don't have the mono version. I have the Damier special order version & it was a perfect everyday bag if that's what you are looking for. I used mine instead of a backpack at school and there were some seriously heavy books I toted around. With all that wear and tear over 4 years, the cabas alto still looks new. That's a great option as well. :smile:
  5. I would go with a classic. Plus unless you've found an affordable one already, the LE bags will be MUCH more than buying a new neverfull.

    You're almost 40, surely you deserve to treat yourself this one time. Plus the new neverfulls have the pouch so you'll have a clutch for going out too!
  6. I will go with whatever speaks to you more. I love the Steve sprouse line. Only problem is that used items from this line can be more expensive than new items - for example the pink graffiti you are looking for might be rather expensive, good condition ones can go between 1500 and 2200, or even more. I think the sprouse line is one of the most sought after limited edition. I myself have been looking for years to get a rose neverfull mm for a better price.

    I actually think you should just get a new one, get a neverfull in whatever print you like most. You deserve it! Neverfull is very useful for grad school too. I think you would love it.
  7. It's always a hard decision choosing your first or any LV :smile: I love the Stephen Sprouse collection ! I bought the speedy 30 roses and its one bag I will never part with its so unique it is honestly like carring a piece of art .... Although I don't carry it everyday ! I Think it's a great first choice after all regular NF will always be around and once the LV bug bites you ... Well it's hard to only have one ! Just warning before you buy one lol ;) ... But the mono is a classic and is a great everyday go with everything kind of bag !
  8. Congratulations on your achievement. Get whatever your heart wants the most.
  9. Congratulations to you!!! :yahoo:
    I feel like the mono is classic and timeless so I lean towards that one - but if the SS is speaking to you more, then go for it! Are you leaning toward one over the other?
  10. I like both but think the mono might be better suited to counter the mommy guilt (been there, done that!) 😊

    It's a classic, timeless piece so perfect for all sorts of occasions and will likely see more use but if your personality is edgier, the SS will see more use! Ultimately, I would choose by whatever I'm going to use more often. Congrats on your graduation!! W00t w00t!
  11. Thanks everyone!!! Very helpful info and will definitely need to sit back & think on it 🤔🤑