Graduation present: Bvlgari Bzero1 - need help!

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  1. I got my bachelor degree on Egyptology this summer :yahoo: My parents are very proud because I'm actually the first person in our family to finish a university course (of course I'll be taking my Master's degree as well). They want to give me a present that'll last a long time and which I can keep my entire life. I've always loved the Bvlgari Bzero1 collection, and am thinking about getting a medium Bzero1 ring in white gold. The thing is that I can't really stand stuff on my arms or hands - I hardly ever wear my Prada watch or BV bracelets because they annoy me. But I love the Bvlgari ring and I just know I'll never get over it if I don't get it now. My question is: how thick is this ring? I've tried it on in the store once, but of course not long enough to really feel it. Does anyone here own one? How annoying is it to wear? Or should I just forget about it and get something else instead? The Bzero1 collection is really my style, and I just love the design, but I'm a bit afraid it'll just sit in its box. I want something that I can wear everyday without it bothering me...Please help!
  2. :yahoo:I can't answer your question. Congratulations on Graduation!!!!! That is wonderful news!!!:yahoo:
  3. Firstly congratulations on achieving a great milestone.

    The Bzero1 rings have several choices of thickness i.e. the movable central spiral goes from simple one ring to chunky 4-5 rings. And the thicker the ring, the chunkier/funkier it looks. You can check out the official website but I would say also to try it out in person, so you can have a personal feel of not just the thickness on your hand but which look you prefer.

    Alternatively you can wear the ring as a pendant during the times you do not want anything on your hand. I have seen that done and it's lovely on a short black leather cord.
  4. Congratulations on your graduation.

    I used to have the medium Bzero1 ring and it's quite chunky and you will feel that you have a ring on. I suggest you try it once again at the store.
  5. Thanks you all! I went to the boutique today to try it on, but decided to pass because it was just too thick, and it didn't look all that good on me. I think I'm just not a jewelry person - I hardly ever wear my BV bangle, and I have a few Marni pieces that look great but sit in their box most of the time. The only piece of jewelry I wear are earrings, so instead of the ring I ordered a pair of Hermes mini chain d'ancre silver earrings, and I got a small red Mulberry mabel bag and a piece of art (a bronze statue) for my graduation :yahoo:
  6. Oh congrats ! I've always wanted to do Egyptology but it wasn't offered, so I settled on Classics (as close as I could get to Egypt!).

    It's too bad that the ring didn't work out for you, but it sounds like you made some other great choices as well !