Graduation gift? What would you buy?


What would you choose?

  1. Balenciaga Weekender

  2. Hermès Ostrich Agenda

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  1. Hey guys! Some of y’all might remember me wanting to treat myself to an Hermès ostrich agenda for my high school graduation. After seeing Noriko’s, I feel in love with ostrich! I’m having second thoughts now though. Lately, I’ve fallen head-over-heals for Balenciaga. I’m crushin’ on their Weekender. I’m having a hard time deciding over these two choices! What would you do?

    Also, can someone please enlighten me on Balenciaga’s leather? I’ve heard some things, but what do you know. Share your knowledge with a novice!
  2. I like the old and the new leather, I own both, but I'm in the minority.
  3. See I've heard these terms before: "old leather" and "new leather". What's the difference? Can somebody do a side-by-side photo comparasion, as well as a description of the difference?

    A thread that may help...

    and a site that may help....

    the new leather is thinner and has "veins" in the leather showing more than one tone of color. For example the cornflower has light whitish blue distressing.

    You can find the colors by year on the website I listed, and then look at our bags in the thread that I posted.

    It will help! I hope!
  5. Was the quality of the leather affected when they switched to the "new" leather?
  6. I haven't had any issues with the new leather. It's thinner but I think it's gorgeous. It breaks-in really easily as well, it looks a lot stiffer than it really is once you start using it, mine took about a week to get really floppy.
  7. Winona, I don't have the old leather, but I like the new as well. So you're not completely alone!
  8. Winona and ET- I am right there with you! I know that the old leather is different, but I am seriously LOVING my Ink City! I don't mind the new leather at all!!! And teh colors are TDF!
  9. The new leather on my ink twiggy is amazingly smooshy. The bag looks like a melted puddle when I set it down, and I LOVE that! The leather is kinda shiny and crackly looking but very, very soft. I have never felt the old leather, but hope to someday!
  10. I rather take the B-bag Weekender over Hermes agenda anytime!
  11. i'm going to have to say the Balenciaga Weekender bag!!!! Y? because you can get SO many colours!!! plus, i reckon you'll get a lot more use out of it! (hehehe)
    I've only got the new leather - im finding it to be great - after using my City and Twiggy lots the leather has really come into its own... :smile: soft and just really yum!!!
    good luck on what you decide! :smile:
  12. I personally would pick a balenciaga weekender bag over the agenda anytime!! :love: I am extremely partial to bbags tho... but I think it's more of a question of which one would you use more regularly?

    Speaking of leather, there's a lot of variation in leather I think, and I do not personally own the old one but I still love the new one! If the shiny-ness concerned you, you could always get it from BalNY and ask specifically for a matte one :biggrin: Good luck on your decision!
  13. I would pick the Hermes agenda, which you can use everyday (and would be really practical/handy for college & work). I don't know if you would get that much use out of the Weekender because it's so big. Now if you were deciding between the Hermes agenda and the Balenciaga City, I would say City all the way. :smile:
  14. As a graduation gift, I'd probably choose the Hermes Agenda, as it is a classic and something you could use for years to come - a very god "graduation souvenir" to remind you of your accomplishment every day. A bag is perhaps something you could get anytime...

    But if I could choose between a bbag and an agenda any other day, I'd go for the bag!
  15. Thank you all for your input! Do any of you know off hand what the price of the weekender is?