Graduation gift suggestions

  1. I used to teach and each year I get a few invitations from old students. Some have babysat for me and I'm close to. I have no problem picking out gifts for them. (It's usually the girls and I get them some unique bracelet or necklace from TJMAxx....unique and nice, but not breaking the bank...some years I get several invitations)

    But...what is protocol for all the others? Is a card sufficient? I never feel like it is.

    So, what do you get for a grad gift for someone you know, but are not really close to? And if a card is fine...give me permission...:smile:
  2. A card and a graduation bear(something that says congrats), or a card and balloon? HTH, I wouldn't mind these gifts at all! :biggrin:
  3. ^^^May I ask your age bracket? I would love to give something like that...but I've never been a 'stuffed animal' person I just didn't know. Would that be ok for a h.s. student? If so...that's awesome!! THanks!
  4. This might still be more than you're looking for in terms of $, but my mom's friend that doesn't really know me for my college graduation in 2004 wrote me a check for $20.04 and sent it along with a card. I thought that was cute. If you want to spend even less than that, maybe pick up a box of candies or something to give along with the card.
  5. How creative! THat is a very CUTE idea....and you know...if I don't get many more (so far I only have 4...only one that's not 'close') I will def. do that!!
  6. i love the cheque idea. i agree with juicey couture jen on the balloon thing. i love helium balloons.
  7. Yeah, everyone likes $$$! Personally, I wouldn't really be into a balloon or stuffed animal.
  8. Oh, and in case you are not giving money, what about this gift which goes down well with young ladies (and old ladies as well, such as myself :smile: ):


    pendant made from recycled Scrabble tile - cute, and the box used is equally eye-catching

    Loads of pretty pendants

  9. ^^ Passerby I keep meaning to thank you for introducing me to etsy! Love it!

    I like the cheque idea, I was 20 on the 20/02/2002 so my Dad wrote me a cheque which was a combination of 0 and 2's and it was special as it meant I bought something lasting with it and also loved telling people the story behind the cheque. xx

  10. Those are ADORABLE! I love them...cute, unique, not too $$$$...very clever. Now...what the heck are they? Honestly...I can't figure out what they are...but I love them!:nuts:
  11. Ok...wait...I think I'm getting it...are the tiles pendants to put on a chain or charm bracelet...and the tin is the coordinated container????!!!!
  12. If you look closely you'll see the tile is strung on an organza ribbon, they're necklaces and they are beautiful!
  13. That's it...I'm ordering some!

    THANKS to you this forum and how helpful it is!!
  14. Stevie Lover, you're most welcome - Etsy is awesome! And it's going to put me in the poorhouse sooner rather than later :smile:

    mshel - I'm disappointed, I thought of recommending to you other stuff from Etsy. :smile: Seriously, those Scrabble pendants are lovely - I bought two, kept one and gave the other to a friend as a birthday present.