Graduation gift: Money, handbag or diamonds?

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Which graduation present should I choose?

  1. Money: Cold hard cash, baby!

  2. Handbag: I could probably knock 2 off my handbag list!

  3. Diamonds: Because really, they last forever!

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  1. :yahoo: So...after 5 long years I will finally be graduating college next month!:yahoo: I've been thinking about what I'd like as a graduation present, and my mom has made it pretty clear that I have three options: cold hard cash, a new handbag (:graucho: ), or diamonds (as in...a diamond bracelet or new studs!) I am so, so so so torn! What do you ladies think??
  2. I'd vote either money that you can put away and save for something else OR go for diamonds that you'll have for a lifetime. A pair of studs would be a great classic.
  3. I would go for the diamonds because then ever time you wear them you will remember how you got them. It'll have great sentimental value in the future. IMO;)
  4. Fight for those diamonds, girl! Demand at least 1 karat per ear! LOL
  5. Cold hard cash! I remember how expensive it was to move out and go flatting for the first time.

    But my mum got me a Tag watch when I graduated. I still love it and wear it everyday (feel naked without it!), and it's something I would never have bought myself.
  6. CASH! Save your money for something you really need.
  7. Wow, we're on the purse forum but not one vote for handbags huh?? :lol: Ahhhh! You are allowing my bf to say "I told you so!" :yucky:
  8. Money! It'll come in handy.

    All I'm gettin for graduating college is a cake lol
  9. Andrea-- LOL we are both graduating soon! I am actually graduating Friday!!! I can't wait!!!! I asked for $$$. I think that it is more fun to get money and then make a day of shopping and spending it all. Here is what I am planning to do with some of it:

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
    Chanel bag...haven't decided which one yet...I need to go to NM and take a look.
    Gucci bag...haven't decided which one yet, either.
    Down payment on either an '07 Escalade or CTS...LOL I need something to haul my bags around in! :P What about yourself? I can't wait!!!! Oh and congrats on graduating...what it your degree in?
  10. Get the cash. You can save it and do whatever you want with it.
  11. Congrats to you too!! :yahoo: :smartass: My degree is in Environmental, Health, Science and Policy with a minor in Urban and Regional Planning (sounds crazier than it really is! :lol: )
  12. I vote for cash too. You can always buy the bags with it if you change your mind.
  13. i voted for cash but diamond studs would be nice too...and have great sentimental value. i actually would probably ask for the studs myself as long as they would be good sized (1.5 ctw or higher). you'll get enough cash from other people. :smile:
  14. cash or also the diamonds...they'll remind you of when you got the degree!
  15. Cold, hard cash all the way. You never know what you might need it for.
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