graduation gift help.

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  1. hello all,
    i usually post in the LV forum but lurk here and drool over your fab bags. a very close friend is graduating from university this summer and i want to buy her a cute little hermes gift. do hermes make book marks or pencil cases or anything of that sort? any idea on prices?
    (shes 24 and is graduating, and starting her pre registration work as a pharmacist, and is very girly but classic)
    thank you!
  2. Hmmm. If your friend is really bookish then one of the leather bookmarks might make a charming gift. H do pencils covered in plaited leather but I've never been sure how you are supposed to sharpen them! Also the Ulysees notebooks are amazingly good value considering the cost of their other leather goods - and might travel with your friend in her professional life for many years too.
  3. A cute 'Picolo' pencil case would get my vote - in a bright violet or pink chevre mysore leather.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here is CobaltBlu's yummy violet Picolo pen case in Chevre; this was what I was thinking of. They are quite pricy - about 400 UK pounds, would that be about 800 dollars?

    Another suggestion would be the 'good luck' purse charm - a lucky horse shoe, leather on a silver chain, I think they are about 300 dollars, might be one on the website.
  5. Here's the horse shoe purse charm, I overestimated the price, it's 70 UK pounds, so about 140 dollars:

  6. They have small agendas that are great for writing notes, etc. and I think they run around $150 - they have a leather cover and need paper inserts....
  7. I agree with Les Tambours, I think the Ulysse is a great value for money product and it will last your friend many years to come :tup:
  8. that you so much ladies.
    i love the horse shoe key chain and the leather covered pencil sounds so good (i wouldnt want to sharpen it though).
  9. I've been giving Ulysse mini agendas for graduation gifts - they come in lots of colors though I have been picking BJ for the gifts and are very useful whether going to college or to first jobs.
    The mini is $135 & the refill is $25. Adding an animal or carmencita bookmark is a great addition too.
    The slightly larger PM Ulysse cover is $165 with refills running $40.
  10. The piccolo is $405 U.S.
  11. Now I want one. ;)
  12. I think a Ulysse PM would make a great gift :smile:
  13. Cherry Pie, what a thoughtful friend you are!!!

    The pencil case is wonderful, I love comes in a lot of colors as well.

    I also agree about the comes in three sizes, and there are a variety of inserts for the medium sized one....plain paper, colored paper, photo album, even a travel insert with tabs and three envelope pages...

    A girly gift might be a pouchette, a small scarf, she could wear it as a scarf or tie it on her bag for a fun pop of color..They are 110$ Heres one from


    Another idea is to look at the boutique to see if they have any fragrance sets available...some of these even include a pouchette, travel bag, or twilly!!! I just got one for DH for $80!! It had a canvas bag and three fragrances! YAY!

    Whatever you do chose, be sure to ask your SA for fragrance samples and put a few in the box!

    Good luck!
  14. OH, and the price on the piccolo went down to $395!!! YAY! Most were marked down, and the new price was in the computer.