graduation gift help (continued)

  1. hello ladies,
    thank you to everyone who made suggestions for a graduation gift in my earlier thread.
    yesterday was my FIRST visit to hermes! and OHMYGOD! its sensory overload in there. now i know why you fab ladies are hooked, its amazing and i have feeling it wont have been my last trip to hermes.
    in the end i bought the lucky key ring and a twilly with berries on for my friend and could not resist getting passage a tokyo (i think thats what its called) in the pink colour way. the SA put loads of fragrance samples in the bag and everything was wrapped so nicely. even my purse hating BF enjoyed the visit. now im longing for more scarves thhough.
  2. He he! That's how it starts.
  3. So glad you had a terrific first visit!
  4. Glad that you enjoyed your visit.
  5. hope your friend enjoys her treats! and check out the autumn/winter scarf thread for more scarves...a lot of them are :drool: worthy!
  6. YAY!! I am so glad your visit went well. You are a sweet friend and I am sure your gifts will be much appreciated. BF sounds like a keeper, LOL, a good start for him, too!

    Enjoy your scarf!!!
  7. That's the way to go!:tup:

    Good things happen to good people :okay: