graduation gift etiquette

  1. what is an appropriate graduation present??

    how do you determine how much to spend??

    Most people reply and say that it depends on how close you are with the person or their family but that seems to be so vague.

    If the person is hosting a dinner party should you at least give the minimum amount of dinner??

    Do you always have to bring gifts to graduation parties/dinners??
  2. It is a personal thing..... I send gifts to the nieces and nephews when they graduate, and would also do so for children of very close friends. Were I to go to a party to celebrate, I would definitely bring a gift.

    Cash is always an appropriate gift. It's always the right size and color. The amount depends solely on what you are comfortable giving.
  3. is it a college or high school graduation? undergraduate or graduate?

    i think that really impacts the gift.
  4. undergrad and grad, how much would you give for each? thanks in advance
  5. I don't think you have to bring gifts. A nice card with cash enclosed is the best idea I've found. I'd give $50.
  6. I think it depends on how close you are to the person. I'm giving grad gifts to a few people next year, but nothing major (under $50). My best friend graduates this Friday and he is the only one getting a big gift ($200+). My Dad covered a big gift for my sister's best guy friend who has really helped her out, and he is covering the gifts for my best friend (a bunch of nice cookware for his new apartment).

    In terms of appropriate gifts...a lot of people need basic items, like nice sheets, glassware, pots/pans, appliances (like crock pots, panini maker, etc.) if they are going to be living on their own. Also knives, spatulas, peelers, whisks, basic stuff. I appreciated all of these items when I graduated. My Grandmother gave me a very nice Mont Blanc pen for HS graduation which I think is one of the best gifts I've gotten, and have used it all through college.
  7. This may sound strange, but I often give graduates a Dr. Suess Book. It's called "Oh, the places you'll go!"

    It is inexpensive and I always write something personal on the inside page of the book. I've given this to the old and the young, and they all love it.
  8. this is the best gift idea ever, i got it from my high school teachers when i graduated and it still means soooo much to me. the personalized note is the best part IMO.
  9. Not strange at all, it sounds great!