Graduation Gift Earrings

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  1. My daughter is graduating from university soon and I want to give her a pair of classic earrings. I've narrowed it down to diamond studs, approx. one carat total weight- OR- a pair of akoya pearl earrings, 7-8 mm.

    I'm having trouble deciding- what do you suggest?
  2. Studs for sure. Way less fragile, she can wear them every day with everything.
  3. Diamond studs! They last forever and can go with anything/everything and wear it everyday :3!
  4. I would go for the diamond stud option too. A timeless classic. I personally would be concerned about wearing pearls 24/7. Fabulous gift ideas for your Daughter xx
  5. Definitely diamond studs. They go with everything!
  6. diamond studs!!!
  7. Diamond studs!!! :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone-diamonds it is! I appreciate your help.

  9. This would be my vote too. She'll love them and they will be such a classic necessity entering the professional work world!
  10. I would go with the diamond studs. She will definitely get good use of them.
  11. I'd also go with the diamond studs and, if she's going to rent an apartment and go out on her own, I'd include a year's worth of insurance.
  12. ^^ Excellent point, thank you.
  13. You are very generous, I bet your daughter will really cherish the earrings :smile:
  14. Diamond Studs :biggrin: